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Chicagoland's Number 1 Oompah Band!
Yearly Events Lineup

All New Year's Week celebrate with jump, jive and swing (tuxes).
Valentine parties all dressed In red!
All Mardi Gras week celebrate with banjo jazz (Dixie outfits).
Fashing parties with the authentic music and attire!
St. Patrick's parties all Irish and dressed in green!
Spring expos, the official beginning of Lederhosen season!
Parades all summer long!
Festival beer gardens just like in Munich!
Headliner stages with the show band and guest yodler
Oktoberfests, our cornerstone business!
Kristkindlmarts and Christmas parades!
Christmas shows In Santa Claus hats!
Ice sculpting shows In winter garb!
Promotions and conventions all year!

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